Vita And The Woolf 'Feline'

Vita and the Woolf – Feline

Philadelphia-based duo Vita & the Woolf released the dark synth-driven track, Feline, just before hitting the road with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in March 2017. Mastered by John Baker.
- comment | April 3, 2017
BenSchachter Entranement

Ben Schachter

Recorded and Mixed by John Anthony, Mastered by John Baker. 'Entranement', the newest release from Philadelphia “underground jazz heavy” Ben Schachter. Ben’s new band QuadraPhilya features the legendary John Swana on Electronic Valve Instrument and young masters Leon Boykins on bass and Matt Scarano on drums.
- comment | April 3, 2017
You Can Love Me - No Good Sister

No Good Sister

John Anthony recorded and mixed 'You Can Love Me', No Good Sister's debut full-length studio album. Mike "Slo-mo" Brenner (The Low Road, Marah, Magnolia Electric Co), pulled double duty as producer and lap steel player. The album features musicians from some of Philly's favorite bands: Get the Led Out, John Train, West Philadelphia Orchestra, The Roddenberries, and more. Mastered by John Baker. We also recommend people to check the site where they will be able to get guaranteed wins on their favorite games
- comment | April 3, 2017
ND11 Please Call

Norman David and The Eleventet

John Anthony recorded and mixed 2 albums for Norman David and THE ELEVENTET. Please Call was recorded in studio. Crazy in Philly! was recorded live at Plays and Players theater with the help of Steve Campagna and John Baker. Both albums were mastered by John Baker. The Eleventet produces breathtaking ensemble-playing filled with monster solos and is featured exclusively throughout the year at Plays and Players Theater, one of Philadelphia's venerable venues for the creative arts.
- comment | April 3, 2017
lowlands love etc.

Lowlands – Love Etc

MASTERING for Lowlands Love Etc. Released on UK label Harbour Song Records, Love Etc is the newest album from Lowlands who have been called one of Europe’s finest roots rock bands.
- comment | September 15, 2014
kyle carey - north star

Kyle Carey – North Star

MIXING and MASTERING for Kyle Carey's sophomore release North Star. The album was recorded at Gorbals Sound Studio in Glasgow by Kevin Burleigh and produced by Seamus Egan.
- comment | September 15, 2014
begley mckay stout

Begley McKay Stout

MASTERING for Begley McKay Stout. Catriona McKay & Chris Stout collaborate with Séamus Begley for new cd and Irish tour.
- comment | September 15, 2014


MASTERING for Seavaigers. The story of Sally Beamish's 'Seavaigers' featuring fiddler Chris Stout, harper Catriona McKay and the Scottish Ensemble.
- comment | July 8, 2014

Vita and the Woolf – Fang Song

MASTERING for Vita and the Woolf. The band was started by Jennifer Pague. The songs are heavily inspired by synth pop, disco, and folk stories.
- comment | July 8, 2014

Solas – Shamrock City

TRACKING, MIXING, and MASTERING for Solas' Shamrock City, their 11th album and most ambitious project & live show to date.
- comment | July 8, 2014

Catriona McKay – Harponium

MASTERING for Catriona Mckay's Harponium. This collection of Catriona's music highlights her prowess as both harper and composer. Melody driven with Catriona's signature harmonic and rhythm harp style, HARPONIUM combines both the strength and delicacy of her harp with bold, warm, characterful harmonium.
- comment | July 8, 2014

John Train – A Wig and a Wonder

TRACKING, MIXING and MASTERING John Train's A Wig and a Wonder. John Anthony  began recording some of John Train’s weekly gigs at Fergie’s Pub. Anthony, a great supporter of John Train, felt that “what the band is doing over there was too good not to be documented.” A couple of the songs recorded at Fergie’s are actually included on A Wig and a Wonder (“Lord Baltimore” and the title track).
- comment | July 9, 2014

Skins and Songs

MIXING and MASTERING of Skins and Songs by the Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra and Philip Hamilton’s Voices.
- comment | July 9, 2014

Ensemble Novo – Blue Night

MASTERING for Ensemble Novo's Blue Night with saxophonist and composer, Tom Moon (author of 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die).
- comment | July 9, 2014